(Motorsport-Whole.com) – Mick Schumacher’s long-awaited Formula 1 debut was involuntarily canceled on Friday at the Nürburgring. Rainfall and excessive fog prevented driving in the first and second free practice. Not a single wheel turned, so the Formula 2 championship leader has to be patient. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto expects a new chance only in Abu Dhabi.

Mick Schumacher

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“That would have been a good opportunity for Mick’s debut in Formula 1”, he regrets the uneventful label in the Eifel. Schumacher and Callum Ilott had been specially prepared by Ferrari for their first use in an official free practice session with a test in Fiorano (in an older Ferrari).

Schumacher also paid a visit to the factory at Alfa Romeo in Hinwil, where the seat was also adjusted. But the 21 -Year-olds are waiting to actually be in C 39 to be allowed to take a seat. “We will of course try to catch up on one of the upcoming race weekends.”

Schumacher: The weekend is still helpful

However, Binotto sees little scope for the Ferrari Juniors. “It will be very difficult.” The next Formula 1 stops will be Portugal and San Marino. Formula 1 has never raced in Portimao, so the training time will be particularly important there for the regular drivers, the team boss knows.

And in Imola, the premier class will only run on Saturday and Sunday as planned , so there won’t be any opportunity to drive with Schumacher in training there either. “Then comes Bahrain, where you are driving for the championship in Formula 2. Of course you have to focus on that.”

Before Formula 1 is still in Turkey, it seems to be an event there But also to exclude Binotto. “So the most likely option will be Abu Dhabi, and not sooner.” However, Robert Schwarzman has already been promised a cockpit in the desert.

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Mick Schumacher tritt langsam aber sicher ins Rampenlicht. Der Sohn des Formel-1-Rekordchampions Michael scheint unaufhaltsam Kurs auf die Königsklasse genommen zu haben ...

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It is therefore questionable whether Ilott and Schumacher will also get their chance. “We have to wait and see how things develop,” says the German. “Now there are a lot of tracks that were not often driven. That is why the regular drivers will need their time in the car.”

Schumacher admits that he was disappointed and did not take his chance at the Nürburgring to be able to. “We already knew that the

weather report doesn’t look great. At this time of the year it is never certain that it will be dry in the Eifel. We knew it could be wet. “

Nevertheless, he is satisfied with the preparation for his Formula 1 debut. “We held a lot of meetings and I was able to expand my knowledge. That was very helpful.” Schumacher will spend the rest of the weekend with the former Sauber staff.

“Can’t talk about internal contract content”

The junior, who was accompanied by his divulge Corinna on Friday, will attend meetings and get to know the processes that a regular driver goes through . “At the moment I just get an insight into how things are going. That will definitely be very valuable to me, I’m looking forward to it.”

How much the excitement around him is Formula 1 debut from his mission in Formula 2? “Of course every chance to hop into a Formula 1 car is great. After all, Formula 1 is the goal, the dream,” he explains. But the focus is still on Formula 2.

There is speculation in the paddock that he would be guaranteed a permanent place in Formula 1 if he made it into the top 3 of the junior class. But the bearer of hope does not want to hear that. “Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the content of the internal contract under any circumstances,” he waves away.

Sebastian Vettel’s helmet design homage to Michael Schumacher

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Ferrari will decide where to 2021 drives, or does he have it in his own hands? “Wait and see. It’s important for me to finish as far up front in Formula 2 as possible,” he repeated. “I’m in a strong arena, that’s my focus. I can’t really talk about relaxation at the moment.”

Nevertheless, many observers assume that Schumacher will have a chance in the coming season at Ferrari customer Alfa Romeo. The training session on Friday in the Eifel would have been good preparation, now this step has to wait a little longer. Further private tests are currently not planned.

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