(Motorsport-Total.com) – “Of course I read that they had turned their engines down a bit. Of course that doesn’t help.” Crimson Bull driver Max Verstappen said that at the press conference in Abu Dhabi when he was asked about the map by Mercedes. That in turn made the Mercedes drivers prick up their ears.

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Lewis Hamilton immediately asked: “Was that used to be about the engine?” And Verstappen replied, “The MGU-okay.” But Hamilton didn’t seem to understand and asked again: “With us?” To which Verstappen said: “That’s what it was said, yes.”

Hamilton could not believe that: “Is that true? I think not.” And Valtteri Bottas said: “Maybe it is so, but we don’t know anything about it.” Used to be Verstappen again used a verbal tip: “Maybe they just don’t want to tell you!”

Hamilton: No info from Mercedes

Later in the press conference the topic came up again, this time raised by Hamilton when he was talking about the Distance to Crimson Bull spoke. The race showed that Crimson Bull had “a solid car,” he explains.

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“And as far as I know, we haven’t had any changes to our engine. That means it’s real Crimson Bull speed and not a step backwards for us.”

Even later at the press conference, the Mercedes drivers received a message from a journalist that Toto Wolff had pointed out that the power had to be reduced because there was a possible reveal with the MGU okay unit in the Vehicle.

It was just enough for donuts!

Then Bottas spoke up and said: “Honestly, I had no idea that our drive was turned down. I can’t say much about it. I don’t know how much. So : No idea. “

Hamilton, in turn, said that he would ask the team immediately after the press conference. “I didn’t know anything about it myself,” he says. He didn’t want to rule it out: “There were problems with other Mercedes engines, for example at Force India and Williams, so it’s not . “

” We definitely have work ahead of us, “explains the world champion.” But I’m just grateful that we finished. We don’t need the engines anymore anyway. And they were still intestine enough for a few donuts! “

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