Disclaimer: I’m a Perez fan.

How is Perez down in 11th? He made up more positions than anybody else (Joint with RIC I believe), pitted VERY early (much earlier than LEC or VER) for hards and very nearly made them last properly until the end of the race, something that people who pitted much later than him failed to do.

I understand that perhaps people didn’t follow the racing further down the pack, but for Perez to be so close to getting a point at a track which has always been bad for the pink team after qualifying down in 17th through no fault of his own merits a rating in the top 5 I would say. Certainly above Norris, Kvyat, and Leclerc who all went backwards and were outperformed by their teammates.

Aside from that anomaly, the ratings seem pretty much on par with what I would expect though.

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