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11 points · 59 minutes ago

These photos need the trophy swapped out for something else.

You know, for the funny humor

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Windmill Senna

6 points · 49 minutes ago

A baby. A happy goat. A C4 explosive.

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1 point · 3 minutes ago

Has he ever dropped one?

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Pirelli Hard

1 point · 1 hour ago

F1 trophy’s look pretty sweet.

That top right one is pretty high up lol, wonder if he ever dropped one.

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Charles Leclerc

0 points · 35 minutes ago

Imagine if he drops the one he breaks Schumi’s record with.

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Original Poster12 points · 1 hour ago

It’s a long four weeks til Spa, dude… I just thought it was mildly interesting that they were the same number. I’m very sorry.

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