Home game for Van Amersfoort Racing: The traditional Dutch racing stable is looking forward to the fourth race weekend of the ADAC Formula 4 on the dune circuit in Zandvoort. From the team headquarters in Zeewolde over to Zandvoort, there are only a few kilometers 22 kilometers – it is clear that the team is around the two championship contenders Dennis Hauger ((************************), NO) and Niklas Krütten ((****************************************************), Trier) is particularly motivated in the home race.

“The track has a long history, every time we drive there is a great atmosphere. We are looking forward to the races. I've raced here myself in the 22 years, it's very special to return to the roots, “says team principal Frits van Amersfoort: “We will have a strong team and of course we want to be on the podium. We will have some guests, as well as the Dutch fans. One more reason to be motivated in the races. “


Van Amersfoort has five riders this season. In addition to Hauger and Krütten are also Ido Cohen ((***********************************), lives in Monaco) and Sebastian Estner (22 Warngau) for the team. After the first three race weekends of the ADAC Formula 4 Van Amersfoort Racing is in the team ranking the first pursuers of the championship leader and defending champion US Racing CHRS. The team of Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar has 199 points on the account, Van Amersfoort Racing is


“I feel comfortable in the team. We understand each other well and of course want to win the title as a team, “says Dennis Hauger, who is currently third in the individual standings. The Red Bull Junior has been the only rider to win two races this season and is confident in coming to Zandvoort. In the guest appearance of the ADAC Formula 4 at the Formula 1 in Hockenheim he had won a victory and a second place. “It was a great weekend, so it should continue in Zandvoort,” he says.

The signs for Niklas Krütten are a little different, the ADAC Sports Foundation sponsor was eliminated on the Saturday race at the Hockenheimring, and on Sunday he finished seventh. “I still have to analyze why I could not quite call up the potential. I am glad that I have taken points after all, “says the fourth-placed, who knows the track in Zandvoort” only from the simulator “and can not wait for it to finally go on the track. “The track layout promises a lot of driving pleasure. When gravel beds and walls are so close, it makes it more interesting for us drivers, “he says.” You just have more adrenaline in your body. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it and I'm very motivated. “

At the so far only appearance of the ADAC Formula 4 in Zandvoort in the year 2016 Van Amersfoort Racing had triumphed big. Joey Mawson (AU) and Kami Laliberte (CA) celebrated victories for the Dutch team at the time. The team now wants to build on these successes when they return three years later. Because: “home wins are very special victories,” says van Amersfoort.

SPORT1 broadcasts the races of the ADAC Formula 4 on TV, online they can be seen on SPORT1.de, youtube.com/adac, adac.de/motorsport and on the Facebook page of the ADAC Formula 4.

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