Foto: Dutch Photo Agency
Photo: Dutch Photo Agency

FIA Formula 3 Championship

09. 08. 2019

(*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Lirim Zendeli pretty fast. “That was a weekend to forget. We have to do better next time “, said the sympathetic Lirim Zendeli critically. (***************************************************************) Criticism – a feature that is rarely prevalent in sport. “I do not need to talk nice or look for reasons why it should not have been this weekend. We have chosen the wrong strategy for the time training “, he said (**********************************************************************************************) -. years

In his first year of FIA Formula 3, where he starts for the Sauber Junior Team by Charouz, many things are for the Formula 4 champion of 2018 New. It's not about having to be able to do everything. Rather, it's a learning process – increasing from race to race. (************************************************************************)Display

The Bochumer started quite well with space (************************************************************************************************************) in the first free practice weekend. But what happened then was not in his favor. “We just chose the wrong qualifying strategy. I then had to overtake six to eight competitors in my fast lap. It was clear to me that this was not going well when overtaking the first car, “Zendeli analyzed his situation. Space 24 on the Hungaroring was not a good starting position, because there can be very poorly overtaken. In addition, the Sauber Junior driver has his differences with the Hungaroring. He said: “I like the curve combinations of the Hungaroring very well. But the fact that you can not overtake here very badly or not at all – well … The Hungaroring will not be my favorite track. “(***********************************************************************) In the first race, the next shock for Bochum. After only two nights of (*************************************************************************************************) to driving laps the engine electronics failed and the Formula 3 race car with the start number seven was eliminated (*******************************************************************************************************) lying down. “I've been involved in motorsports since And even if it's nothing new to me, I can not get used to it. Once it's down, it's bad luck, “Zendeli said.

It was a little more conciliatory for the motorsport talent then in the second race. Although the result did not reflect his own claim, the Sauber driver drove off (***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) to the finish. “The second race was okay, so I do not have to gloss over anything here. But if we do not deliver the qualifying on the spot, we have the disadvantage and need not complain after leaving important points in the championship “.

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