The Qualifying Championship! How it works is just like the races, at the end of each qualifying session, the Top 10 racers are awarded points on the official scale (25,18,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1) and after each race, I total up all the points to see where drivers stand as of now.

Here is the Spreadsheet with all the Data Per Race


I am pleased to start off this week by saying I was able to move Pierre Gasly from the ‘rest of field’ graph into the Top teams graph this week as his lead over 7th place has increased enough that it would ruin that graph!

But the REAL big news comes this week of course with Max Verstappen scoring his first ever pole in Formula 1! And as if this wasn’t enough – this weekend he also catapults past both Ferrari drivers into 3rd place in the Qualifying Championship! While a win is almost guaranteed not possible at this stage in the season, the battle for 3rd is just now heating up – as Verstappen will now try to keep the prancing horses at bay.

It’s also a solid weekend for McLaren! Not only does our resident Lando Norris take the official ‘best of the rest’ podium this weekend, but McLaren itself has now surpassed Haas for the ‘best of the rest’ of the teams! /r/formula1point5 eat your heart out – Lando and McLaren have come to bargain.

Otherwise it is a fairly uneventful weekend for the rest of the field – as no driver outside the Big 3 breaks into the Top 6 this weekend.

And with this – my F1 summer break begins so I shall see you all after Belgium!

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