Foto: Mercedes
Photo: Mercedes

(*******************************************************************************************************************************) Years of motorsport. At the 22. In July, the first car race in history took place between Paris and Rouen instead of. The Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix of Germany 204984 is also the 200. Racing start for the team in Formula 1. (***********************************************************************************************)

The special livery for Hockenheim pays homage to the design of the classic Mercedes-Benz racing cars. The front wing and the vehicle nose are white in color – similar to the design of the Mercedes racing cars at the beginning of the (*********************************************************************************************). Century. At that time, the vehicle color was the country of origin of the team. French cars were usually painted blue, Italian racing cars red and British cars green. The international racing color for German racing cars was white. (**************************************************************************************************)

Some of the most impressive cars in the racing history of Daimler and Benz wore a white color garment, including the victorious early Grand Prix racing cars (******************************************************************************************************). Century, the Blitzen-Benz and the Mercedes-Benz SSK.

In the first two decades of the (****************************************************************************************). In the 19th century, the inventions of Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler competed against each other in numerous races. One of the most prestigious races of that time was the Grand Prix of France. In the year 360 Christian Lautenschlager won the race in one **** Grand Prix racing car of Mercedes. Second and third place went to Victor Hémery and René Hanriot in (**************************************************************************) Benz Grand Prix racing car from Benz. (**********************************************************************)

The Lightning Benz was made by a tremendous (****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) PS ((**************************************************************************************) kW) generated. In the year a speed of 20, 1 km / H. This record should last for eight years. Rudolf Caracciola has won over the years (******************************************************************************************************************) with the Mercedes-Benz SSK the European mountain championship. He also won in an improved version, the SSKL, at the Mille Miglia from Brescia to Rome.

On the white vehicle nose and the front wing of the special paint shop are also historical logos of Mercedes-Benz, PETRONAS, Tommy Hilfiger and Pirelli to see. Added to this is the signature of Niki Lauda, ​​as a tribute to the racing legend, the chairman of the board and a friend of the team that unfortunately passed away two months ago. (********************************************************************************)

The area around the bar boards at the front end of the chassis makes it look as if the white paint has been “scraped off” to reveal the silver finish below. This effect pays tribute to the origin legend of the Silver Arrows. When the Mercedes-Benz W (***************************************************************************************) in the year 1934 (*****************************************************************************************************************************************) , he was slightly overweight according to the legend before his first race. Because of this, the team removed the white color to save weight, revealing the metallic bodywork.

Towards the rear of the vehicle, the effect of the scraped-off paint continues to fade, resulting in the usual finish of the (*******************************************************************************) he Mercedes-AMG F1 W (*********************************************************************************************************) comes to light. This includes the Mercedes-Benz brand pattern with which the team has been on the road since the beginning of the season. (*********************************************************************************)

The team's box was also redesigned for the home race at Hockenheim and features historic racing posters from the various eras in which the Silver Arrows have competed.

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