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Photo: Elfi Images

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21. 07. 2019

to introduce new series partner: Cuvee Sensorium is now an official champagne partner of BOSS GP. “Champagne is part of motorsport. Our bottles are ideal companions for special, unique sensorial moments, as they often occur in motorsport, “says Janna Sonntag from Cuvee Sensorium, explaining the collaboration with BOSS GP.

The fastest time of the weekend was Ingo Gerstl (AUT, Top Speed) with his Toro Rosso STR1 in the asphalt: With 1: 19. He even undercut his own course record from the previous year. It was also the BOSS GP champion who, together with Alessandro Bracalente (ITA, Speed ​​Center), represented the BOSS GP at the showrun in downtown Assen. On “Coulthard Road” they showed what (*******************************************************************************************) PS are able to afford. About 20 km / h and “donuts” in the village area were only allowed exceptionally and delighted the (**********************************************************************************************). 02 0 Fans.



Once again, the Formula 2 cars delivered the most exciting races: on Saturday Bracalente threw back a penalty, on Sunday it was his day: At the 8th race of the season, he won the FORMULA class safely. Although Marco Ghiotto (ITA, MM International) followed him throughout the race, it was never enough to overtake. Anyway, the duel for the championship is coming to a head after this weekend: Bracalente is nine points ahead of Ghiotto in four races to be driven. The first race was surprisingly won by Gianluca Ripoli (ITA, MM International) – it was his first victory ever. In the OPEN class, the winner was twice Gerstl. After the sixth win of the season, he leads the championship superior. Hans Laub (DEU, Speed ​​Center) was happy to finally be back in a race. Both he and his Forti Formula 1 held on and were rewarded with two places in the second place. (*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

Ingo Gerstl (Assen double winner): “Driving the DTM is the best thing that can happen to us. So many people we meet in the paddock and watch us – gladly again! “

Alessandro Bracalente (new championship leader FORMULA): “Victory in the second race was important. Now I'm back in the championship where I want to go. “(***************************************************************************************)What's next?

After the summer break, the BOSS GP in Brno (6-8 September) will be on the program. On the Czech roller coaster could be a preliminary decision in the OPEN class, in the FORMULA it comes to the decision almost certainly only at the final in Imola (11 .- 13. October).

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