Back in 2013 my results halfway at Caterham F1 weren’t as I expected. Neither what the team expected. It was my first year in Formula One, and soon I realized how everything happened in a blink of a second. One race a crash, the other one mechanical issues and before you know it you’re under a level of pressure you’ve never experienced. “It’s only the first year, keep calm, you’ve showed it in GP2, the coin will flip your side again” is what I kept telling myself. Then the phone rang. It was my team boss, who I always had a good relationship with. “Listen mate, screw up the next race and you’re out.” Silence. End of conversation. I didn’t panic though, but turned the pressure into motivation. Next race was Spa, where I ended up in Q2, and got hugged by the team boss again. That’s F1 too. Long story short; I feel for Pierre. But never give up mate, get your confidence back and the flow you were in last year and I’m sure you can prove everyone wrong. Give ‘m hell. @pierregasly

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