Except that the organizational structure is totally anti-Dennis, so are the principles of leadership. In Mercedes EVERYONE can raise their voice and point to a failure and suggest a fix. You do not have the rigid “you only talk to the head of your department who will raise the issue if he deems it worth to look at”. There is no jealousy from department heads that prevent people talking up, it is NOT the bosses incompetence if someone else finds a flaw. It can be a cleaning crew who can finish 15 minutes earlier if X is done before Y. That can mean more free time for them or reassigning to another task, leaving the circuit early to catch the earlier plane that takes them home 6 hours early… Anything can be brought up. People who work at their position are hired because you trust they an do their jobs. They are also the BEST at knowing what problems they have. In Mclaren these suggestions stopped in the middle management.. just like they do in normal business too. You are often looking at reprimand for trying to improve things and get fired because middle management sees you a threat. Merc operates differently and is one the reasons why they are so perfect. Toto does not need to micromanage at all, there are no information gaps or delays, no petty arguments. They have a forum for people to talk without that organizational structure preventing the information flow and feedback. The decision to do something is still done at the top but at least they know what the bottom is talking about.

Very, very anti-Dennis way to do things but Toto was political activist in some capacity at his youth (and making money of it…) and his leaning is… to the left.

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