After more than two months at Zandvoort, the lights of the starting lights finally left. BWT Mücke Motorsport started with the ADAC GT Masters from the 9th to the August on the Dutch traditional route in the second half of the season. Also aboard: Jeffrey Schmidt and Christopher Haase in the BWT Audi R8 LMS # (********************************************) Audi R8 LMS # 25. The BWT Audi R8 LMS # The Belgian had already represented regular driver Stefan Mücke at the Red Bull Ring and also jumped in this weekend after Stefan, together with his father and team boss Peter Mücke, was in action at the Oldtimer Grand Prix on the Nürburgring.

The highlights of the weekend

podium and season best: For the car parts 24 Audi R8 LMS # Starting from the grid Here, the duo played lucky in the cards, because shortly before the safety car came on the track and they lost much less ground against the competition than normal. So Winkelhock returned to the track in fifth place. Due to the bad luck of the teammates # The best result of the season and, with second place in the junior classification, an important podium for Ortmann. For the second race on Sunday Winkelhock achieved a strong result with eighth place as third best Audi of the field. He defended this position in the race until the driver change and Ortmann finally brought her safely over the finish line. This again meant important points in the junior ranking, where the (***********************************************) ***********************************************************************************************************************************

Husarenritt: Den showed on Saturday Rogivue and Vervisch. Starting place A Herculean task at the Oldschool track in Zandvoort. But the two could not be disturbed and showed a sensational catch-up. Rogivue kept track of the start-up and handed Vervisch the car in top condition. He punishes all critics who claim that overtaking is not possible in Zandvoort. Car after car he left behind and finally crossed the finish line to eighth position made good and rewarded with important points! On Sunday, Vervisch had the potential for eighth in qualifying, but it was on his fastest lap that the red flag was waved. So the duo started on rank (**************************************************************************************) For Vervisch it was a weekend of extremes. In addition to his commitment to BWT Mücke Motorsport, he started in the 24 hours of Zolder in a sports prototype. Immediately after Saturday's race, he drove to Zolder for around two and a half hours to return to qualifying and then race again on Sunday morning back in Zandvoort.


How won: The trip to the Netherlands was for the Audi R8 LMS # 31 a disappointing one. In the qualifying sessions Schmidt and Haase did not get over the ranks 14 and

****************) and 14 , The duo had benefited in the Saturday run like their colleagues from a good strategy and a safety car during the pit stop window and had been flushed to fourth place forward. The joy over this top result lasted only briefly. During the pit stop, one of the mechanics had run off a fraction of a second too early. He had one foot over the white line before the car stopped, so the duo had to make a drive-through penalty and fell back. The hope for the Nürburgring is now great, because during the weekend the team identified a hard-to-find mistake that slowed down the car.

Consistent: Despite these difficulties, BWT Mücke Motorsport set a new record in Zandvoort. In both races of the weekend all three cars drove into the points. The traditional team from Berlin had never done that before. This is to be repeated next weekend when the ADAC GT Masters stops at the Nürburgring.

Voices for the weekend

Frédéric Vervisch (BWT Audi R8 LMS # 31): “I had a pretty packed weekend, because I was still in parallel with a (************************************************************) Overall, we were stronger than at the Red Bull Ring. But we are still not where we should be. We had two good races, especially the first one was good, with the safety car and a great pace. The qualifying on Sunday was okay, even though the red flag was not perfect for us. We were on a fast lap – that cost us something. P was We just did not have the right speed. We finished the race where we had to land with the pace. The positive is that we have improved. I hope this continues. “

Nikolaj Rogivue (BWT Audi R8 LMS # 26): “On rainy Friday, Frédéric and I were well on our way and I was in the car very well felt. As it got drier, the balance was no longer optimal. The conditions were very tricky, especially by the wind. It was wet in qualifying on Saturday, but I had a big mistake in the round that cost me seven tenths, otherwise 12th would have been possible. But we still have to work on the qualifying pace. The first race was fine. I had difficulties at the start because I had a disadvantage on the left side. Since I lost a few positions first, which I later made up for. Unfortunately I lost a few positions again after having to avoid a driver who had turned. On Sunday we were in twelfth place overall, but the Ferrari behind me was very fast and I could not hold it at the end. So it became space (*****************************************************************. ”

Christopher Haase (BWT Audi R8 LMS # 26): “It was not necessarily a showcase weekend for our car. We have been beaten down in both qualifying events. In the first race we got ourselves an avoidable drive-through penalty. Our top strategy otherwise would have brought us up to fourth place. Unfortunately in the second race there was not more than space The next race weekend should run better for us. “

Jeffrey Schmidt (BWT Audi R8 LMS # 25): “Unfortunately the weekend was disappointing for me. A technical problem has slowed us down for most of the time. Unfortunately, this was not more than a starting position (***************************************************) in my qualifying. Fourth place – of course favored by the safety car – would have done us very well. Too bad that the drive-through penalty prevented it. We used the Sunday to find a good set-up for the car, as we were off the starting grid (**************************************************************************) had air both forward and backward. Now I am looking forward to the Nürburgring and hope that the car will work really well there. “

Mike David Ortmann (Parts 24 Audi R8 LMS # 24): “At the beginning of the weekend the conditions were changeable. In the wet we were quite good, in the dry something was missing the pace. Nevertheless, we had a solid starting position for the first race. It was not easy to drive in the strong wind. We were lucky with the safety car. Markus drove great. I was very happy about fourth place in the overall result and second place in the junior ranking. It's great to come back with such a result after the summer break. The second race was unspectacular. We took again good points. “

Markus Winkelhock (car parts (***************************************************************************)): “It was the best weekend of the year so far. The car was much better, the balance was right. We took good points and had fun. It has once again shown how important a good qualifying is. In addition, overtaking maneuvers have succeeded, although it is difficult to get past them. I am positive. We took a step forward. I hope we can continue at this level next weekend. “

Matthias Kieper (PR & Team Management): “We analyzed the beginning of the season over the summer break and looked for ways to return to old performances in the second half of the season. We succeeded in parts well. I am very glad that our # The other two duos have not let the proverbial and literal headwind bring them out of the balance and achieved consistent score results. It was the first time since our entry into the ADAC GT Masters that all three cars took countable in both races. We want to repeat this at the Nürburgring, preferably with 23, 20 and

Michael Weiss (Technical Director): “The bib number Markus and Mike were already strong here last year and in qualifying they were also our fastest drivers this year. They have preserved their form and made a confident job in the difficult conditions here this weekend, coping well with it. For the 24 it was unexpectedly difficult. We had a problem with the car, which was difficult to locate. When we finally found it, there was not enough time and we could not just flip the switch. The then competitive times of the two drivers but we agree positively. On Saturday, unfortunately, the drive-through penalty ruined the race. Unfortunately, a mechanic with one foot is a bit too early in the direction of the car over the white line. That was a totally disproportionate punishment, because it brings no competitive advantage. But of course it is a rule and an unnecessary mistake on our part that we can all badly forgive each other. Last but not least, a big thank you to Frédéric for joining us at Zandvoort, even though he was working at (*************************************************************************************) Race was in Zolder at the start. At night he drove there and was back on Sunday mornings for qualifying. He and Nikolay got good results. Now we look at the next week and the Nürburgring. It has been very good for us in the last two years and we were always in the top five in qualifying. There is nothing wrong with repeating this year. ”

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