Posted by#4 Lando Norris

37 minutes ago


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2019 Driver Numbers

6 points · 32 minutes ago

This adds so many horsepowers.

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#4 Lando Norris

Original Poster8 points · 35 minutes ago

I know WTF1 isn’t much liked around here and all but this is a good livery.

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Never understood why people don’t like them? I like their podcasts and IBR

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Max Verstappen

3 points · 30 minutes ago

It looks ok, but IMO nothing beats the FW16/17/18 Rothmans livery. That livery was the dogs bollocks.

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Lando Norris

2 points · 24 minutes ago

That is a million miles better, can’t beat the Martini Williams though,

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Kimi Raikkönen

1 point · 12 minutes ago

Much better than the current livery.


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