(*******************************************************************************************************************) in the 2nd practice of the ADAC Formula 4, the fastest time before Pourchaire – Photo: ADAC (************************************************************************)

Conditions set another exclamation point. With its best time of 1: (**********************************************************************************************), 276 Minutes was the (*********************************************************************************) years old overall third again faster than in the first session and landed again ahead of front runner Théo Pourchaire of US Racing CHRS, this time just under three tenths missing to the Norwegian. In the morning, the Frenchman had been only a blink of eight thousandths of a second slower than Hauger. The top three completed Pourchaire's teammate and rookie Roman Stanek ((*********************************************************************************************************), Czech Republic).

The overall second Arthur Leclerc ((*****************************************************************************************************), Monaco) of US Racing CHRS came in at noon in eighth place in the pits. Before the younger brother of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc ranked Gianluca Petecof ((***********************************************************************************************), Brazil, Prema Powerteam), Oliver Rasmussen (20, Denmark, Prema Powerteam), rookie Joshua Dürksen (15, Paraguay, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg eV) and the morning third Alessandro Ghiretti ((************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)


For US Racing CHRS team bosses Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar, the home game on the traditional course in the Eifel is about further expanding the lead in the three overall standings. Pourchaire is currently the first driver of Leclerc and Hauger. Best rookie is Stanek and also in the team ranking the German team is ahead of the competition. (************************* It continues for the pilots of the ADAC high-speed school (**********************************************************************************************************) (. Watch with the qualifying. On Saturday, the traffic lights are switched (********************************************************************************************************). 02 Watch for the twelfth race of the season on green. On Sunday, the (***************************************************************************************************) Pilots at 9. (**************************************************************************) Clock and (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

SPORT1 shows the races of the ADAC Formula 4 on Saturday and Sunday on TV and online on SPORT1.de. All races are also available in the livestream at adac.de/motorsport, the Facebook page of the ADAC Formula 4 and at youtube.com/adac with German and English comments.

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