Schumacher while at Benneton story 1: “Michael watched a lot of videos on his own (in the motorhome) in an attempt to get some time away from the scrum that usually followed him around the paddock. On one occasion, when we were at Silverstone, he had been watching Mr Bean and he ahd cracked up, lying on the floor with tears rolling down his face. Shortly afterwards there was a knock on the door and when I opened it who should be there but ‘Mr Bean’ himself, Rowan Atkinson. Michael wouldn’t come down to meet many people and I always had the job of working out who he would be prepared to see. [She convinced him to come down without telling him who was at the door] Coming down stairs he looked at Rowan and exclaimed ‘Mr Bean’ because he didn’t know Rowan’s real name. I just burst out laughing because there was Mr Bean in awe of Michael in awe of Mr Bean.”


Schumacher while at Benneton story 2: “At another Silverstone test Michael used our car, a Honda Prelude with four wheel steering, to check the condition of the track. Michael thought the four wheel steering was excellent, and he kept the car so long we never expected to see it again – he was thrashing it around the track lap after lap. We thought it might need an MoT by the time it came back.”


Raikkonen: “Kimi Raikkonen hardly spoke over the weekend and then, when he’d had a few beers, he became a different guy altogether. I remember him getting thrown out of a nightclub in London for trying to have ‘intimate relations’ with an inflatable dolphin.”

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