At first yes only 12 races in Red Bull, but again he won’t drive in a Red Bull again this season

  • Last season he was one of the 3 drivers outside Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull to complete a lap on the third position (Perez 12, Sainz 8), nobody completed a lap as first or second.

This season (after 12 races) 6 drivers outside the ‘top six’ completed laps on a podium position: Kvyat 12 on 2nd/5 on 3rd, Hulkenberg 6 on 2nd/2 on 3rd, Stroll 3 on 2nd/11 on 3rd, Ricciardo 2 on 2nd, Räikkönen 1 on 2nd and 1 on 3rd, Magnussen 1 on 2nd. Note: German GP

  • Gasly completed more laps being 4th in a Toro Rosso (29) last season than he completed this season in a Red Bull (24).

For 2018 stats change 2019 to 2018 in the link, can’t submit that one.

Edit: Fun fact – His teammate Verstappen completed every racelap not being lower than 9th. To put that in perspective Hamilton’s lowest is p15, Perez p17, Vettel p18.

To end with something positive Gasly on the other hand is with the Hulk and Stroll (and drivers mentioned above) one of the drivers that never completed a lap on p20.

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