(*****************************************************************************************************************) Sunday afternoon: Stanek (m.) next to Rasmussen (r.) and Hauger (l.) – Photo: ADAC (**************************************************************************************)

Leader Théo Pourchaire ((**********************************************************************************************), France) and Roman Stanek ( Sunday races of the ADAC Formula 4 at the Nürburgring triumphed. Pourchaire succeeded in the morning two days before his (************************************************************************). His second success on the traditional track in the Eifel, Stanek celebrated his second win of the season in the late afternoon (******************************************************************************). Run.

Pourchaire came in the final run after a spin on eleventh place finish and took another point in the title fight. The Frenchman of the German racing team US Racing, led by team bosses Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Unger, was without a counter this season and extended his lead in the overall standings. Before the weekend, Pourchaire's distance to his team-mate and first-in-line pursuer Arthur Leclerc ((************************************************************************************************), Monaco) (*********************************************************************************) counter, after the race twelve, 12 and 12 (********************************************************************************) Points. Stanek is third in the drivers' standings with comfortable in the rookie rating. (*******************************************************************************************************)

“I focus on every race, I always want to push and get the most out of it,” said Pourchaire, who had already won the race on Saturday: “It's not decided yet, I'm not wasting any thought on the title. that mistakes and unexpected things happen again and again, so we are well advised to follow our path step by step. “(*****************************************************************************)

“I'm really excited about the win, everything went according to plan, I've proven that I can win races, and I hope to get some more wins,” Stanek said. “That's a good ending for mine Weekend, and I'm already looking forward to Hockenheim and the Sachsenring. “(*****************************************************************************************************)

The third race in the afternoon started with about (********************************************************************************************) minutes delay and for the safety of the driver after a previous heavy rain shower behind the safety car. Stanek stayed ahead after the start clearance and set the pace, behind the Czechs overtook Dennis Hauger ((**************************************************************************************), Norway, Van Amersfoort Racing) Rookie Joshua Dürksen (17, Paraguay, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg eV) and Oliver Rasmussen ( , Denmark, Prema Powerteam ) and moved up to second place. (************************************************************************************)

After Dürksen and Gianluca Petecof ((*****************************************************************************************************), Brazil, Prema Powerteam) had to park their vehicles, the safety car came in the further course of the race two more times on the track. Stanek remained unimpressed at the front and drove towards his second win of the season. Behind Stanek, Hauger and Rasmussen completed the last podium in the Eifel. (*****************************************************************************************************)

Hauger came second in the morning at the start of the (************************************************************************************). Seasonal races on wet track and (****************************************************************************************************) Degrees best off and went in front of Polesetter Pourchaire in the first corner. But the Frenchman chose the inside lane and passed the Norwegian again with a clever maneuver. In the third round, Hauger made a momentous mistake, beneficiaries were Alesandro Ghiretti ((**************************************************************************************), France, US Racing CHRS), Leclerc and Michael Belov ((**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

The Frenchman did not allow himself to be impressed by the exciting three-way battle for second place behind him and confidently beat the start-finish victory by a margin of six seconds. Belov ended the neck-and-neck race between him, Leclerc and Ghiretti and celebrated the first podium of his career. Leclerc rounded off the strong performance of US Racing with the third place. Hauger saw in fifth place the black-and-white checked checkered flag behind Ghiretti and in front of Rasmussen. (*******************************************************************************************************)

For US Racing CHRS the home weekend at the Nürburgring ran with three winners, a second place by Stanek on Saturday and a third place by Arthur Leclerc, the younger brother of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc, optimally. Thus, the German racing team leads in the driver, rookie and team ranking. (**********************************************************************************************)

The ADAC high-speed school pilots now have just under four weeks to recharge their batteries after six races in the last eight days at Zandvoort and the Nürburgring. From (*************************************************************************************************). to 15. September the Hockenheimring continues with the next three races. (**************************************************************************************************************************) Dennis Hauger (second in the third race, Van Amersfoort Racing): “We really had a lot of bad luck this weekend, in the first race I had some technical problems that slowed me down, the conclusion was very conciliatory, I'm glad, but the gap is closed Théo Pourchaire is quite big, and the fewer races to race, the tighter it gets. “(*******************************************************************************************)

Oliver Rasmussen (third, Prema Powerteam): “It was really difficult in these conditions, I did not have the best feeling for the car and had to start the race, luckily I did quite well – in the end I'm with the The result was really satisfying, my goal was to get a good degree, and fortunately, I managed that. ”

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