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2 hours ago

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Fangio just oozes class.

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Kimi Raikkönen

5 points · 45 minutes ago

I always thought you could only ooze two things.

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Nelson Piquet

4 points · 1 hour ago

The greatest of them all with two absolute legends. Amazing pic.

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Kimi Raikkönen

Original Poster1 point · 39 minutes ago

I’d say in that photo, both Fangio and Prost are serious contenders for being called the absolute greatest. Along with Clark, Schumacher, and (hot take) Alonso.

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9 points · 1 hour ago

Lauda was on fire that year!

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Sebastian Vettel

11 points · 1 hour ago

I thought that was 1976?

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Jenson Button

4 points · 58 minutes ago

very poor choice of words

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Kimi Raikkönen

Original Poster0 points · 40 minutes ago

Hm strange to point out Lauda’s performance for that year over Prost’s.

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2 points · 24 minutes ago

One of the many years in which Ferrari could of have won a WDCs before 2000

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