20 days of Ron Dennis. Day 19: Ron dreads the looming yet inevitable culmination of the 20 days of Dennismas


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The fact that this is day 19 out of 20 made me think that the long wait was about to be over, but it’s still a week :/

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actually 4 days if you look at the fact that on Thursdays at least we have new content: new interviews and pics and videos from the paddock

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I’d like to mention that r/RonDennis has grown larger than most of driver subs there is which I think is hilarious since I though the Ron jokes would have been way too silly for majority

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Another fanpage that has overtaken r/TheGreatGasly 😪

I congratulate you, sir.

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Ron looks like there’s something else bothering him. What he could be thinking?

Personally I think he forgot to sort his socks by colour, age and smell.

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He’s just been informed that the FIA haven’t elected to clean the gravel in the gravel traps at Spa.

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