I had a different account back in those days here on reddit. In fact, that day was the day that account got deleted. See back then if you wanted HD races and you live in the states and you cut the cord. You would almost certainly have to download the races via torrent. So that would always take at least and hour or more for the torrent to be posted after the race. Then by that time it’s middle of the afternoon on sunday so I never watched the races till sunday evening.

Apparently I upset someone on this here forum because I get on reddit before I see the race, (avoid r/formula1 of course) and this prick sent me the results of the race in a DM (Also why I never check messages anymore). I was so pissed but in the back of my head I thought it was a joke because there was no fucking way Maldonado won. And honestly that was awesome because I really didn’t believe him so it was kind of a surprise after all. Jokes on that asshole.

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