Now that the news is out that Nico Hulkenberg will no longer race for Renault in 2020 we can see the fundemental flaw within Renault.

Any form of self-criticism is not allowed, while Nico and Daniel complained about the car and some shady strategy calls, Team Principal Cyril Abiteboul complained about the performance of Nico and Daniel.

The very idea and philosophy of self-criticism is the reason a team like Mercedes is on top and a team like Mclaren is going to get better, because ever since 2018 Mclaren dropped the Bullshit and started facing reality and the results have been clear in 2019

If one person at Renault deserves the boot, its Cyril. His leadership is weak and appears to only persist because of polical capital within Renault. He has failed to secure more money for the engine and team. He secured more money in 2018 for Renault, but lost out on the money Red Bull paid for the engine and lost more by getting Daniel Ricciardo.

The Renault team fails to perform because of the extreme politics within their management and the board and the apparent disconnect between those two. There was no reason to drop the hulk other than Renault wanting a French driver and thats a fact.

As the video from Autosport showed, Renault is one of the few team that currently isnt investing heavily in their Enstone facility compared to a team like Racing Point which is spending a ton of money because of the potential budget cap which could prevent such investments.

This isnt supposed to be a rant, as i’m happy that Esteban is back in F1, but if Hulk fails to secure a seat thats a whole different story.

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