He was offered a fee to star in Drive for Survive, then he featured more than anyone, lets of more private interviews and watching him and his manager (or advisor, whoever he was, was that this Mr Beavis or a new guy?) discuss their options and basically lay out their excuses for moving on film throughout the year.

So not only was Drive to Survive horrendously biased, they biased it towards a driver they paid extra to star in it? I already hated the documentary because it was bull, but if they went as far as paying someone to be the main guy they follow around and they bias every story towards him, that’s even more bent than I believed it to be already.

One of the most ridiculous things was how they tried to paint how a Red bull failure in Austria cost him a race win, by leaving out where he was in the race at that point and what was going on, and it’s been half a year now but I think they didn’t actually mention Max won the race at all, just implied Ricciardo had a race win stolen from him despite being 4th or 5th and 30 seconds back at the time.

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