Met a young racing driver my dad sponsored 17 years ago, only realised the connection yesterday and dropped him a mail, buzzing when I got a response!!!



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Anthoine Hubert

169 points · 7 hours ago

the Zac? As is Brown?

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Original Poster104 points · 7 hours ago

The very one yeah!

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77 points · 6 hours ago

Love the message “I crashed!”

Thats a good sport right there.

Even more respect for replying!

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Mark Webber

4 points · 4 hours ago

“Oh, ok.”

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Jim Clark

34 points · 6 hours ago

How did you get his e-mail so easily ?

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Original Poster45 points · 6 hours ago

Just searched on Google.

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37 points · 6 hours ago · edited 5 hours ago

If you send him an email about Mclaren, he will reply. Maybe it’s automatic but still, a reply.


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Nico Hulkenberg

6 points · 5 hours ago

w2c TWA racing attire

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New user

5 points · 2 hours ago

Thats actually very wholesome. I hope he can turn McLaren around

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Patrick Depailler

6 points · 6 hours ago

Jim Russell?…

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Antonio Giovinazzi

8 points · 6 hours ago

It’s a racing school.

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Can you share any details about how your dad sponsored him? It’s always intrigued me how drivers get sponsors.

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-36 points · 6 hours ago(0 children)

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Anthoine Hubert

34 points · 5 hours ago

You shouldn’t take advantage of Zak’s friendliness like that. It just wouldn’t be right.

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