screw 5s penalties, drivers should just be forced to give up places, like a blue flag, hell just use the same blue flag

and make the decision quick, they should be referees not stewards, refs call things that are marginal in real time and are pretty damn good, sure they make mistakes too and people hate the refs but you can say the same with stewards, at least no one waits 5-10min for a refs decision

Currently we want ‘hard racing’ but well not really, I’d argue we dont want penalties and dont want penalties like Vettel’s in Canada that take 3-4 laps to be handed out and affect the racing in ways that are very unsatisfying, that rob us of on track action..

If the Vettel at Canada decision was decided and radioed to him 5s after it happened and he had to give up that place then hunt Hamilton down again for the next 15 laps then we’re not missing out on 15 laps of a battle. If Vestappen tried to pass LeClerc for the lead at Austria, went over the line, had to give up the place then tried again next lap then that’s great too. It could add to the show instead of take away from it.

Leclerc would have had good pace to attack Hamilton back last weekend too, maybe it would have handed Hamilton the win which would be unsatisfying but also if the previous Leclerc vs. Vestappen incident didn’t happen Leclerc wouldn’t be defending as hard as he, apparently ‘rightly’ is allowed to do now..

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