Please for the love of god forget about Hulk. He’s not NEARLY good enough for a top team. Not for Ferrari, not for RB, nobody. He can be happy if he can find a midfield seat, he doesn’t deserve any better and the top teams don’t even think about his name for a second.


Technically possible, but he just signed with McLaren, so if you mean for 2020, then no.


Russell is Mercedes’, out of question, they won’t let him go. Ocon has to perform really really well next year to even be considered. Bottas is same as Hulk. He can keep his seat to keep it warm for Russell, not because he deserves it. Once Russell grows into the seat, Bottas will disappear at the back.


Absolutely. By far the most likely candidate. Ferrari wanted to get him last year, but eventually they decided to promote Leclerc instead. But if another seat was available, RIC would be the first Ferrari would talk to and I see no reason why RIC would deny the opportunity, so RIC 99%.


No way indeed. Norris same as Sainz. Hamilton would make no sense. Verstappen is sitting on top of a few tons of gold, he’s now just waiting for the opportunity to mine it (2021 regs are RB’s and Newey’s wet dream). Mick Schumacher is far from a Ferrari seat, even if he finds some good pace he won’t be sitting in Ferrari for at least 2, but more like 3-4 years minimum.

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