Hello /r/formula1

We’re happy to announce, that in cooperation with Missed Apex Podcast, we’ll be doing an AMA with Chris Medland, tomorrow, Wednesday September 11th at 1PM BST / 12PM UTC (Find your local time here).

Chris has been working fulltime as an F1 journalist since first joining ESPN in 2011, and going freelance in 2015. He’s now working for Racer Magazine and F1.

Chris will be answering your questions live on YouTube, and it will be available as a podcast episode and video shortly thereafter – so even if you’re not able to be there for the live broadcast, you’ll still be able to listen to Chris share his knowledge and the latest news about F1.

Post your questions for Chris in the comments, and subscribe to Missed Apex Podcast so you don’t miss the episode!

You can subscribe to Missed Apex Podcast on iTunes, in your podcast app or on YouTube, or you can visit their website at https://missedapexpodcast.com

And with that, it’s lights out and away we go!

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