Foto: Michael Jurtin
Photo: Michael Jurtin

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10. 09. 2019

GP, the fifth in the highest class. With the win of the season 7 and 8, the driver of the Toro Rosso STR1 was also eaten by calculation.

The Dominator remains realistic in the hour of its success: “What counts is the expansion of this unique racing series. The Formula 1 cars are responsible for the show. They are the basis of this racing series, they inspire the spectators and they are the ones that give us access to the best racetracks in Europe, “says Gerstl. The goal of BOSS GP is for To bring cars to the start. This fits in with the plans to give gas again in racing racing England next year.

Emotional FORMULA winner
Christopher Höher (AT, Top Speed) made his BOSS GP comeback this weekend. The (****************************************************************************************************) Unknown in racing, he has already raced in the ADAC GT Masters and is a multiple Austrian race car champion. He has also left his mark on success at the BOSS GP. It was a bit easier in Brno, but by no means, and in many ways. Although the guest starter won both races in the FORMULA class, but especially the second race had it all: Because higher at the beginning of the race in the pursuit of Gerstl strained his tires, he defended himself against the race only on the literally last groove , Marco Ghiotto (IT, Speed ​​Center) tried everything – tried it on the left, tried it on the right – but Higher remained ice cold and kept position 1 very thin to the finish. The fact that Higher also drove in memory of his recently deceased father makes the double victory all the more remarkable. “That was a matter of the heart for me. I did that for Dad. But it was not easy to keep track of such a car without traction control in wet conditions, “Höher said.

Showdown on the FORMULA title (****************************************************************** The clearest pursuer of Higher in the first phase of the race was Alessandro Bracalente (IT, Speed ​​Center). However, in lap 4, the leader of the standings lost his pace, and a lap later, he put his car completely in the pits with a clutch failure. A major setback in the championship, because competitor Ghiotto with the second place 22 score points. Ghiotto (****************************************************************************************************) points before Bracalente. In Imola, a maximum of (*********************************

What's next?

After the season's break Europe's fastest race series returns to the former Formula 1 circuit in Imola (IT). The Grande Finale of the BOSS GP Series (************************************************************************************************************************************). and 13. October.

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