No. The only reason it was working out in the 80s was because originally there was no limitation to turbo pressure, so teams went as high as 5.5 bar in quali trim, which is enormous. But exactly because of how enormous it was, the FIA quickly started limiting it lower and lower, until it was so low that the turbo did more harm than good (relatively tiny boost for the weight it added chance of mechanical failure) and that is why it was gotten rid of, it wasn’t worth it.

Today pressure is unlimited as far as I know, with a maximum of around 4 bar, but note 2 things: 1) that 4 bar is absolute pressure, so boost pressure is “only” about 3 bar. And 2) due to the fact that they are limited to 3 turbochargers per season, they almost never go even close to that 3 bar boost, in order to extend the life span. Perhaps with quali settings, but definitely not during races.

So long story short: these 1.6L V6s with all the fuel restraints, without hybrid and heavily limited turbo pressure would be ridiculously weak for F1. So if I were you, I wouldn’t even dream about it, I wouldn’t wish to have a dream where F1 cars are that slow.

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