every single racing series has gimmicks, you simply cant create exciting races without them. imagine there was no drs, imagine there were no artifically degrading tyres, imagine there would be no required pitstop.

and the faster cars are, the harder it is to overtake, naturally. add dirty air to it and its close to impossible without todays gimmicks.

a series such as f1 will always need gimmicks to create exciting races.

i remember somebody numbered all popular racing series and pretty much the only racing series that is gimmick free is australias v8 supercars, every other somewhat relevant racing series has gimmicks.

i seriously dont know why people here are so much against gimmicks because thats literally how racing is entertaining.

its like, whenever the term “gimmick” is mentioned in the f1 community, they think of the most extreme version of a gimmick. take formula e’s qualifying format, its not an extreme gimmick and it works perfectly fine. in fact its the main reason why this past season has been so exciting and unpredictable. people dont complain about that either (except the drivers because they have to actually put in effort to consistently score, oh no).

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