Der Kurs in Zandvoort soll ausgebaut werden
The course in Zandvoort should be expanded

( It did not take long for the first citizens' initiative to be found. The foundation “Duinbehoud” (Dünenerhalt) complained now against the expansion of the racetrack in Zandvoort. (************************************************************************************************) As RTL.de reports, a Dutch environmental protection organization wants to prevent a temporary injunction by stopping the work immediately. In a court of the city Haarlem now “procedural errors” and “violations” against nature protection conditions were made valid. According to the environmental protection organization, “mandatory inspections have not been carried out prior to the granting of the building permit,” RTL reports. (*******************************************************************************)


In the year (****************************************************************************************) again give a Grand Prix of the Netherlands in Zandvoort. For this the course should be modernized and adapted. Whether the expansion may be carried out accordingly, now decides the court.

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