A small story I found on the early signs of Schumi’s need for perfection. This was when he was driving for the WTS team in Formula 3 in 1989. Narrated by Willi Weber:

“Michael stalled in a race with what seemed to be a mechanical failure. We took the car apart and found nothing. We put it back together and again, it wouldn’t move. This was something he found unacceptable. He drove over to the garage, and around midnight, Franz Tost, the team manager, called me saying that Michael has dismantled the entire car, expect the petrol tank. Franz said that if he opened up the petrol tank, it would be irrepairably damaged and we would need a new one, which wasn’t cheap. He thought it wasn’t necessary and I thought it couldn’t have been anything to do with the petrol tank”

“Michael rang and said, ‘Mr Weber, we have to get to the cause. We have to take the petrol tank apart.’ So I agreed, if it was for his peace of mind. They cut the tank open and discovered that the inside of the tank was sprayed with something which made the petrol break down and clogged the pump, which is why it stalled. If he had not proceeded so analytically, he would have stalled again. This is the michael schumacher who wants to know everything. He goes right to the bottom of things. “

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