“Poor relationship with magnussen”, you guessed that only with the radio during races ? Because it’s a stupid thing to do, pilots call their rivals “idiots” or worse, flip them the finger in a middle of a turn. But that doesn’t mean they have a bad relationship, they are different men when they race.

Mag even said he was annoyed about everyone asking him about his relationship with Gro and that they are friends IRL, it’s just that Mag and gro are quite similar on paces so they are often fighting each others.

Also grosjean has quite the knowledge about the car, he was the one who made the call to go back to the Australian Spec, that probably helped the engineers a lot.

Grosjean suffered from a lot of mechanical dnf that were not really his fault.

I would love to see hulk staying in F1, but the hate toward Gro looks like the mainstream things to do, it’s as stupid as thr Vettel or hamilton (or any pilots) hate.

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