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Carlos Sainz Jr.

23 points · 5 hours ago

Almost spat out my drink on the favorite food one!

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Red Bull

Original Poster14 points · 5 hours ago

Valtteri loves his porridge for sure

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17 points · 5 hours ago

Hockey and racing, hard to get more Finnish than that.

The comment about Mika was interesting, hopefully Bottas does the same and keeps pushing.

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Max Verstappen

13 points · 5 hours ago

They should do these as a duo, if they have some chemistry. It might make it a bit less awkward. But it’s fun to see a bit more of Bottas.

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Max Verstappen

3 points · 3 hours ago

Yes, braking is such a small detail when driving… good game, great answers!

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4 points · 3 hours ago

So happy Valtteri kept his seat. He’s great for Mercedes

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