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He is gonna best the record isn’t he

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Charles Leclerc

16 points · 1 hour ago · edited 57 minutes ago

No doubt. Another full season should do it.

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He’ll be at 312 races by the end of the season, assuming he doesn’t miss any races he’ll best the record in Austria next year and end next season on 334 races.

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With a two-year break in-between.

Testament of his longevity… and the fact that there’s a shitload of races every year compared to how the status quo used to be.

If every season had as many Grand Prix as this one, there’s a good chance Patrese would still be on top of the list, and Maurice Trintignant of all people still in the Top 10.

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You can just compare the number of seasons participated in to get a measure that isn’t skewed by the amount of races per season.

Schumacher and Barrichello are tied for the first spot with 19 seasons for both (though Schumacher’s first season wasn’t a full season, of course). Graham Hill and Jenson Button have 18; Räikkönen, Patrese, and Alonso have 17.


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If you look at the years those are impressive

Patrese with 1977 – 1993 was already a Long ass time

Barrichello went from 1993 – 2011.

Schumacher did a 1991 – 2012 And Kimi will make two decades aswell with 2001 – 2020

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He just needs 16 more races.

6 races this season (EDIT: Not including Russia today) plus 10 races next season.

If we race at Zandvoort and Hanoi in 2020 he’ll beat the record at Spielberg, with 323 race starts.

If not, he’ll beat it at Hockenheim/Hungaroring.

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The above includes today’s Race in Russia.

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Who would have thought RAI would surpass ALO!

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