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Valtteri Bottas

17 functions · 50 minutes ago

Handiest 180 days till lights out

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Kimi Räikkönen

7 functions · 23 minutes ago

And away we lumber

A Ferrari spins in flip 2 because the display screen transitions into a gravel surface

A Mclaren looses its front wing and takes the muddy entrance into pit road

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Sergio Marchionne

8 functions · 57 minutes ago

In an ode to historical past, drivers will power their autos to a maze of fastidiously crafted tunnels.

stage 1

2 functions · 3 minutes ago

Americans when the display screen starts talking vietnamese

stage 1

4 functions · 1 hour ago

Doesn’t seem to be many turns.

stage 2

2 functions · 31 minutes ago

Trigger most of it’s on already present city streets they valid settle on to join the sections.

stage 1

Daniel Ricciardo

1 point · 24 minutes ago

Bought my tickets The outdated day. So keeen

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