Principles lengthen formulation 2021 F1 vehicle designs will probably be ‘rough’


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With rather of luck they are going to be lenient as a consequence and we peek a 365 days of silly loopholes

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#88 Robert Kubica

23 components · 1 hour previously

Inb4 merc is the group to rep one

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16 components · 2 hours previously

Double diffuser time

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-7 components · 2 hours previously(More than 1 dinky one)

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Jean Alesi

11 components · 1 hour previously

Here is factual news. Would possibly rep a mixed grid in the first few races

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Alexander Albon

4 components · 1 hour previously

We fancy it rough.

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1 point · 17 minutes previously

Appropriate – I desire the discontinue groups to apprehension and stumble, then to see a Williams / Renault / Haas 3-ability combat for the championship.

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