Throwback to this comely Manor racing poster from the 2016 Japanese GP



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stage 1

Manor’s posters are restful my accepted.

Right here’s one succesful image of all of their posters for that 12 months.

stage 1

The truth is need they were extra competitive, on account of on paper to me that is a cracking line up of drivers.

stage 2

-22 choices · 2 hours within the past(Bigger than 1 cramped one)

stage 1

Carlos Sainz Jr.

2 choices · 1 hour within the past

Lowkey a pretty just driver lineup

stage 2

Charles Leclerc

2 choices · 19 minutes within the past

Nothing lowkey about it. For an absolute backmarker within the kind Manor were that is a unbelievable line-up

stage 1

None of the copycats these Manor posters spawned were ever comparatively as tasteful.

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