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Max Verstappen

75 components · 3 hours ago · edited 2 hours ago

Pierre looks loads extra relaxed now. Genuinely hope he makes use of this and develops further.

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#33 Max Verstappen

14 components · 2 hours ago

Yeah he is loads greater now

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Max Verstappen

5 components · 27 minutes ago

He could perhaps well be a truly ideal driver at RedBull. They’ll have to maintain in tips bringing him on.

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Toro Rosso

36 components · 2 hours ago

Appropriate to scrutinize there is no laborious feelings there in regards to the crew switch, although Max did now not play much of a element in it in any appreciate.

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Carlos Sainz Jr.

33 components · 2 hours ago

Pierre is first-rate with everyone (except for Ocon), very healthful guy

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