I began searching at Formulation 1 5 years ago and at present discovered this sub to hang my thrust for extra recordsdata. The neighborhood, the specialized dispute material, and the in-depth prognosis discovered here ignited a passion internal of me to mosey racing. I will very unparalleled mutter that if I become now not a chunk of this neighborhood I’d comprise now not be where I’m this day.

Advice for Non-EU Passport Conserving Engineers

OK, In unfortunate health strive now to not impact this too lengthy but I’ll delivery with undergraduate, I’m from the US so all my advice will likely be from that point of view.


Watch issues esteem Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Math, Physics, or Laptop Science. I’d now not suggest something esteem Automobile or Motorsport Undergraduate because the basics are now not as overwhelmed into you as brutally as they are in the aged degrees.

Secondly, be a part of formula SAE/Pupil and dive in onerous. Learn as unparalleled as you’re going to have the choice to about every aspect of the vehicle and gather your palms soiled. Accurate through my interview I discovered myself repeatedly relating to my trip with my group.


For those that’d esteem a job in F1, that you just can comprise to total a master’s degree, as bachelors degrees are now not considered as a talented degrees in Europe. One other necessity is the University being in the UK. 8 out of the 11 F1 teams are primarily based mostly mostly internal “Motorsport Valley” within the UK, and if you’d wish to play with the extensive boys then your going to comprise to play on their turf. Fortuitously master’s capabilities in the UK are 1 yr!

Any graduate degree would work but here’s where I’d suggest MSc Motorsport Engineering/Mechatronics from areas esteem Oxford Brookes or Cranfield utterly according to contacts. These two universities are so well built-in into the motorsport industrial it is absurd. Over my yr, we visited HAAS, Mercedes (x2), Renault, Prodrive, and M-Sport. Lectures repeatedly map in esteem Pat Symonds (Look him up if you don’t know who he is), Owen Carless (Stresses at RedBull) and even Damon Hill! At any time when one among these of us map in, fetch a model to impact an impact and be remembered. Its these of us that can map in at hand one day.

Accurate through your time in the program, be a part of a national British group in assortment esteem FIA F4, British F3, BTCC, British GT. Receive as unparalleled trackside trip as you’re going to have the choice to, volunteering most weekends, because it reveals teams that you just are a genuine racer. Nearly all americans I do know who graduated with me that went straight into F1, or is on an instantaneous collision route for it, worked trackside.

Visa Concerns / Discovering A Job:

“Produce that you just can comprise gotten the most attention-grabbing to work in the UK” …. FUCK.

That become me on as a minimum 50 capabilities I’ve submitted. I’m now not going to mislead you, Formulation 1 teams and most numerous areas will now not sponsor any person (Tier 2 Commonplace Visa) whom applies for a graduate region since you are unproven. So… what are the alternate ideas? Effectively, as of this put up, if you apply for a Tier 4 visa (which you would perhaps perchance need / gather if you occur to behold in the UK from Non-EU countries) then you’re going to have the choice to work in the UK, without sponsorship for 2 years put up-overview. 2 years will give you a great deal of time to place your self within a group and impact it worth their while to battle throughout the distress of acquiring a Tier 2.

The motive that first bit is that I’m on the “previous” Tier 4 map. This come that I will simplest work for as much as 5 months on my Tier 4. Fortuitously for me, Renault become attempting to search out a mounted term contract employee till the finances gets popular for next yr. SO, for the subsequent couple of months I will likely be a slave at the Factory, attempting to whisper myself pleasurable of a Tier 2 visa and I couldn’t be extra mad!

TLDR: Undergrad: Fundimental Stage, Formulation SAE/Pupil -> Graduate: Motorsport Engineering, Trackside work -> Hope that Brexit doesn’t fuck over your possibilities of getting a visa.


Edit: Develop Engineers: Catia or NX, Nothing else

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