Foto: ACI Sport S.p.A. a socio unico
Photo: ACI Sport SpA a socio unico

Monza with more high-end results. This was achieved by the two novices Joshua Dürksen and Erwin Zanotti and William Alatalo, who has played his second season for the Berlin team. Alatalo finished fourth in the first two races, narrowly missing a place on the podium. Dürksen clinched his fourth rookie victory of the season in the first race, team mate Zanotti drove with two 18. In the last two races of the season, its best season performance.

For the last race weekend of the Italian Formula 4, the rain god showed no mercy and gave the rapid 33 Starters wet to wet conditions for all three races. For the three BWT Mücke Motorsport pilots, however, no self-discipline. The first race started the Finn Alatalo from the fourth row in the start of Region eight, teammate Dürksen qualified in tenth. In a gripping slipstream battle, the duo improved continuously. Alatalo finished fourth, closely followed by Dürksen in fifth. The Paraguayan secured his fourth rookie victory of the season in the Italian Formula 4 with this strong performance. Zanotti also made up positions and came as 22. to the finish.

With sixth on the grid in the second race, the Finn had the prerequisites for another high result. And Alatalo delivered. Again, he missed the podium in fourth place under difficult conditions. The potential battle present and the Dash battle grandiose – Alatalo drove the fastest lap of the race. Things did not go so well for Dürksen. He damaged the front wing on a high notch and had to go to the Field to get a new one. As a result, the Paraguayan lost a lot of ground. Zanotti, on the other hand, did not bother with anything and confirmed the strong qualifying performance with a jump of the place (****************************************************************************) on the 15. Region – best result of the season for the Italian.

In the last race it was Zanotti, who scored the best result of an otherwise mixed final race of the season. From the starting position it again in wet conditions (***********************************************************************************************). Space. Alatalo went from the second row in the last 48 Minutes and stopped the region. With three laps to go, he even breeze into second place, but in a duel with a competitor came to a touch and Alatalo touched the barrier. This put him a third high result in the distance. For Dürksen battle after a great start phase, the race ended prematurely after it came to a collision with a competitor.

Even in the two free practice Alatalo and Dürksen took the top spots in dry conditions and showed that they had to expect the two on the high-speed course in the royal park at Monza. Teammate Zanotti also improved and already hinted that he should top his best season results this weekend.

Frank Lucke (Team Leader Formula 4): “For the season finale, u.s.a expected difficult conditions. We had three wet races where our three riders have done well to very well. The two fourth places and the fastest lap of William Alatalo show once again what potential there is in him. Joshua Dürksen showed a really strong performance in the first race, unfortunately with bad luck in races 2 and 3. We are very proud of Erwin Zanotti. It has to be kept in mind that the boy without a karting experience has climbed into the Formula 4 car and is now between places ten and 19 has established. Twice P (*********************************************************) best seasonal performance – its learning curve has convinced us all. We can also be satisfied with the season itself. Third place in the team and rookie ratings, you can not complain. Joshua and Erwin have developed brilliantly over the season and also William could show his skill. Unfortunately, qualifying often crashes our weak spot. If we, as a team and our riders, can go one better, then we can regularly compete in the top five. ”

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