[OT] #teamtrees. As we all know Lewis Hamilton is this form of gargantuan Environmentalist. And #teamtrees is trending at as soon as. The aim is to plant 20 Million Trees. $1 Greenback = 1 tree. Elon Musk has planted 1 Million trees. Extra data interior.


As we all know Lewis cares so great about our planet and our atmosphere. Because it’s evident by his Instagram tales. He is an active environmentalist and is continuously elevating consciousness about how we want to place our planet by doing the categorical thing, at as soon as at this rapid. He’s already achieved allot on his portion and is level-headed doing whatever he can. Nonetheless I’d like this to build up ample traction so as that Lewis can suppose this and per chance he’ll additionally preserve shut to make a contribution to this pleasing trigger. The aim is to plant 20 Million trees and at after we are at 7.5 mil. Our planet is fee stopping for sooner than anything else.

Who’s conscious of if this will get fervent gargantuan names akin to Lewis, 20 Mil can also additionally be turn out to be 50? A 100? The number can easiest upward thrust. Let’s accumulate Formula 1 in #teamtrees

Even as you happen to would preserve shut to donate to this trigger you are going to also elevate out so by donating right here.

https://teamtrees.org/ Your $1 will plant = 1 tree.

That you might perchance perchance also read extra about this bolt right here


Thank you for studying this. And sorry for the imperfect Title.

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