Formula 1 extends broadcast partnership with ESPN


I became once impressed by the ratings too at 671,000 life like per hurry. That is ~70% bigger than what a premier league (PL) match will get in the U.S. on an virtually connected pay-TV network (NBCSN) that simplest presentations High 6 PL crew fits (successfully).

More spectacular for F1 is that the start times substitute fairly a piece and most Americans are unaware that fairly heaps of time zones in truth exist! (Sure, I am American, so I will be able to make fun of myself.) Where as for PL, accurate flip the TV on in the course of a weekend morning.

The PL will get a huge chunk of cash from the US market ($1 billion on final contract), so Liberty also can very successfully be in actuality ecstatic relating to the F1 numbers they’re seeing here.


-PL will get 390,000 viewers per match; hyperlink: properties-for-nbc-sports-community)

-$1 billion PL deal for NBC Team; hyperlink:

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