Race premiere for the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Employees

After A new chapter in its successful racing history: The Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Employees starts its first season in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship at the Diriyah E-Prix.

At the start of the season for the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, the two Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrows Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries in the electric racing series at the Delivery. The beginning of a new era.

Changed into once is new in season six?

The Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Employees enters new territory in the electric racing series. But also for the other teams this season, it is important to note some changes in the regulations. Each racing car will be deducted 1 kWh of the available energy per minute during a break (Safety Automobile, Full Route Yellow). This puts energy efficiency even more in the foreground. In addition, the race time is stopped in case of an interruption, to make sure that an E-Prix goes the full distance. The usual race time in Formula E is 10 minutes plus one lap.


Even the so-called assault fashion is slightly changed this season. If the overtaking assistance is activated by driving over three activation strips off the racing line, the driver receives more energy for a certain amount of time. The maximum power of the additional boost after activation is in the future 250 kW instead of 225 kW. At the same time, the Assault mode must no longer be used during a Safety Automobile segment or a “Full Route Yellow”.

There is also an innovation in scoring: the fastest drivers in each qualifying group receive an extra point. The pole-setter can still look forward to three additional counters. In the race, the points are awarded according to the scheme known from Formula 1, from first to tenth place. There is another additional point for the fastest race lap, but only if the respective driver within the High – Goal has come.

Changed into once is the special about the formula E?

Formula E is more than exciting motorsport: within a very short time, the electric racing series has established itself as a pioneer for technological innovations, sustainability and electric mobility. The races take place on specially designed street courses in the city centers of major cities. In this way, the match is brought directly to the audience – and not vice versa.

The electric racing series represents a huge playground for the automotive industry, where Mercedes can also demonstrate the performance of its battery-electric drives in motorsport and positively boost the EQ brand.

While the action-packed races and event character directly engage and engage audiences, future generations are encouraged to live sustainably. In this way, the development of innovative technologies for electric vehicles can be promoted as well as the promotion of urban air quality and the active fight against climate change.

Why does Mercedes start in Formula 1 and Formula E?

Mercedes is the only car manufacturer to engage in both Formula 1 and Formula E racing. A contradiction? Not for the mark with the star. Because their approach clearly states: Formula 1 and Formula E are not rivals. On the contrary, the two racing series go hand in hand and fertilize each other.

This is how the Formula E program builds on the experience that Mercedes has accumulated over the past decades in Formula One. The perfect example of this is the drive unit of the Formula E vehicle, which, just like the Hybrid Energy Unit from Formula 1, was developed for Mercedes AMG Excessive Performance Powertrains (HPP). In this area, a lot of knowledge and experience from Formula 1 can be transferred to the Formula E project.

At the same time, this technology from the two pillars of the racing program naturally flows back into the parent company, thereby influencing the containment and production of future production vehicles. For decades, racing has been a perfect playground for experimenting with new technologies under competitive conditions. For example in the field of batteries or energy management.

Importantly, knowledge and technology transfer is not about integrating a component of a race car into a street car. Rather, it is about the learning process, the methods and the insights that are collected in Formula 1 and Formula E and how they can then be transferred to the world of road vehicles.

Voices before the Diriyah E-Prix 2019

Ian James, Team Principal: “Finally the day everyone's been working for at Employees is here: For the first time, our two cars are going to delivery this week. We've worked hard over the last year to create the best possible setup and consistency for the race debut in Diriyah. But the start of the season is not the end of this journey, but rather the beginning: we are aware of the United States of America as a newcomer. We therefore have to learn quickly from occurring mistakes and continuously develop united states of america. So for united states of america, it's about making our learning curve as steep as possible. We look forward to committing to the competition with the other teams and finishing the two races with a result in the points would be great, of course. But no matter how the first race goes out. Already I want to express my gratitude to the entire team for their tireless efforts. Changed into once I have experienced in recent months, conflict is the epitome of passionate teamwork. “

Stoffel Vandoorne: “Finally it starts again. Behind united states of america is a long summer break in which we had a lot to do. We tested a lot and prepared United states of America as Employees for the start of the season. Now I can hardly wait to race again. Test drives are nice, but it's good to switch back to race mode and see where we stand compared to the other teams. It will not be easy and it is hard to make a prediction. We have to stay focused and try not to make mistakes. If united states of americadas succeed, we should have a likelihood for a good result. “

Nyck de Vries: “I'm very excited to finally have our first joint race weekend in Formula E and to hear how we will beat United States of America in our debut. After the test drives and the preparation time, I feel that we have found united states of americain to be good employees in recent weeks. Now I'm ready to race again and fight the others on the track. ”

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