Seidl will be clear that McLaren stays ‘humble’ no matter solid year




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Pirelli Wet

50 factors · 2 hours ago

Moving different. Talking about champagne in 2020 love Renault is ravishing going to aim up fans for a substantial disappointment.

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17 factors · 2 hours ago

Can’t predict Mclaren-Mercedes.

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7 factors · 1 hour ago

crew must never salvage complacent this iciness that its impressive 2019 campaign procedure it’s a given this would possibly perhaps stop even better next year

I focal point on the different in all honesty: the chance is P4 at only, potentially and not utilizing a podium.

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5 factors · 1 hour ago

Bar none, he’s the most humble-est; quantity 1 at the stop of the humble record.

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Max Verstappen

2 factors · 1 hour ago

Correct model man. He appears to be like to be the actual deal.

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