These are real formula one tires (Pirelli Zero). These maintain been left over from the 2017 System One season and put to use in the Boss GP series in 2018. I imagine these particular ones came from a Wonderful Aguri and a Benetton B197.


Some background: I went to the Gamma Racing Days in Assen finest 300 and sixty five days for the Boss GP, with paddock tickets. There turn out to be once a mountainous Pirelli truck, as they supplied the tires for Boss GP, and so they’d correct put up a stack of dilapidated ones up for sale for €15,- to €20,- every. I got myself a front and a rear tire, and stuffed up my Nissan Micra with as many who can also fit (7, whilst you happen to maintain been questioning). Resold them in the neighborhood with out income, since I reckoned this turn out to be once the form of various opportunity, I needed to portion the take care of with other followers. I have been to Boss GP sooner than and since and right here is the principle and finest time I’ve seen them to this, so I’m extremely contented to maintain been in the factual command in the factual time.


Checklist of seven F1 tires in a Nissan Micra (1 in the front passenger seat): https://force.google.com/file/d/1V6ZqWfB402NHpixRgn4zeOPXLrHLuhwR/seek for?usp=drivesdk

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