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Kimi Räikkönen

12 points · 6 hours ago

Evening scurry for Canada!

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2 points · 3 hours ago

You will doubtless be able in an effort to originate this….type of. Whenever you occur to could possess gotten ToCa Hasten Driver for PS2 that you simply can also private the worn Molson Vancouver Indycar circuit & plot the weather to Storm. It’s no longer circuit GV or F1 but it absolutely’s nonetheless resplendent cool

stage 2


2 points · 2 hours ago

Sadly, I’m going to must yell fuuuuuuuck that. The hunch to GS11 and GS12 would be a whole catastrophe at night lol. Of us who know will know.

stage 2

Lando Norris

0 points · 4 hours ago

in point of fact wish codemasters gave us the possibility of night races for the entire circuits, imagine monaco below the aspect road lights

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