When Kubica burst into the scene, I’d articulate he aloof used to be now not up there with the very best for the length of those days, but used to be in the neighborhood of subsequent best drivers of that era, but from 2008 onwards, his peaks absolutely were up there with the absolute best on the grid. In 2006-07, he used to be outperformed by Heidfeld, but then he grew to turn out to be really discontinuance to him when there pairing ended in 2009( It used to be 24-24 in bustle terms between them). In 2010 though, he used to be pleasant, and he vastly outperformed Petrov and used to be no doubt amongst the likes of Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel on the grid( Or a bit below them). Presumably he would’ve improved even extra with time who knows? But that’s what Kubica used to be in the previous. The sizzling driver, which is having a equal trajectory as Kubica is, atleast for me, Sainz. It’s a equal pattern for Sainz as effectively, but he aloof did now not fetch any 2010 cherish season up except now. Presumably he could fetch it in future, let’s scrutinize.

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