For racing drivers doubtlessly Délétraz, for practice drivers Nissany. For racing drivers on this millennium, Ide. Different unprecedented drivers include Giovanni Lavaggi (or Johnny Carwash), Giovanna Amati, Taki Inoue, and for some mild entertainment Ricardo Rosset (not extraordinarily late, and not in worst-of-all-time rivalry, but very questionable on note).

Whereas I before everything even handed Délétraz, the worst of the worst may maybe additionally be Ottorino Volonterio, who completed six laps down on the 22-lap 1956 German GP (at Nordschleife). Honourable mention to Al Pease, who became very a success in Canadian motorsport, but is the absolute top driver in F1 to be shadowy-flagged for driving too slowly, and he saved struggling with the leaders anyway. I additionally appear to hang in mind a definite Bernie Ecclestone being very late in qualifying at Monaco 1958, but he officially recorded no time and I will’t glean a source about how badly he truly did on note.

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