I every gain and gain no longer love this.

Retiring the number for Hubert is of route one thing that honors the younger man who tragically misplaced his lifestyles and this might perchance be a lasting honor of him for as long as FIA Formula 2 goes on.

On the alternative hand, in inequity to the case of #17 being retired in Formula 1 for Jules Bianchi, #19 was once no longer a inner most number chosen by Hubert for utilization. He got it for utilization on story of BWT Arden positioned 9th within the 2018 F2 season, noteworthy just like the previous F1 numbering system forward of we archaic inner most numbers. It will be noteworthy the identical as retiring #27 for Gilles Villeneuve, #2 for Senna, or #32 for Ratzenberger.

I judge that if F2 and F3 also pass to inner most numbers like Moto2/3 then it would mean a little bit of further. I gain no longer know for sure even though. Right my opinion.

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