Welcome to r/Formula1 FAV day 21! Click on here for an introduction of this sport.

26 drivers dwell. Click on here to search which drivers made it via to spherical four. We are in a position to now characteristic 13 matchups to come to a resolution the 13 drivers that make it to the final.

Day 20 eliminations:

  1. Jenson Button (84,6%) eliminates Keke Rosberg (11,1%)

  2. Giancarlo Fisichella (48,8%) eliminates Colin Chapman (29,2%)

  3. Fernando Alonso (72,1%) eliminates Bruce McLaren (24,6%)

  4. Carlos Sainz Jr. (71,0%) eliminates Nelson Piquet (25,3%)

  5. Lando Norris (52,9%) eliminates Lewis Hamilton (43,2%)

  6. Mario Andretti (48,2%) eliminates John Surtees (25,6%)

  7. Nico Rosberg (58,3%) eliminates Jacky Ickx (29,3%)

  8. Sebastian Vettel (87,3%) eliminates Clay Regazzoni (8,8%)

Percentages don’t add as much as 100% since the assorted % of the votes went to the “no preference” likelihood.

Total responses: 856

There’ll likely be seven matchups this day, and six matchups day after recently to come. After these two days, I will moreover make a bracket showing who eliminated who, and with how great.

Vote here on the matchups of day twenty-one!

Sorry for my inaction currently 🙁 – I’ve had some scientific complications which failed to permit me to be on my computer as normally as I would’ve wanted. I will promise you that I will carry out this series, I treasure doing this, and we’re virtually on the tip!

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